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Frames, a feast for the eye

Welcome to the website of Ateliers Frans de Roo (Studio). We would like to welcome you personally to our studio.

We are delighted by your interest in the products we offer, coming from a long tradition and brought to you from our beautiful studio:

Expert advice concerning framing, handcrafted and gilded picture frames for every art movement or style, period picture frames and mirror frames, gilding and interior gilding, gilded furniture and objects, verre églomisé: gold leaf on glass.

Frans en Marlenne de Roo

How did you end up in this business?

Pure chance; which we grabbed with both hands. From student to Foreman to starting our own business. We were taught by van Heijdenrijk, the traditional interior designers. We did evening courses in Art History, wood-working and how to do marbling effects through ‘BOK’, the professional artists’ training centre. Knowledge and experience combined with the love of art, dexterity and an eye both for clever ways of solving problems and for what’s beautiful.

We’re educating people for the future

This is a recognized training establishment for courses at:

  • HMC (Woodeworking and Upholstery School) in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Nimeto Restoration and Interior Décor Painting College in Utrecht
  • St. Lucas College at Boxtel near Eindhoven

At the end of their internships the students will be able to create and build their
own designs

We also take part in

  • Heritage Monuments Open Day
  • Guided tours of the University of Amsterdam; Art History Masterclass